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For Artists In Uncertain Times


Creativity and Coronavirus Hello dear heart, What a time to be alive! Like, literally. I knew 2020 was gonna be something, but who knew it would be this??!!!!  As usual, I am here to offer some solace and also a pep talk. Here’s what’s been on my mind:  All the personality tests I take tell […] Read more…

Where To Find Me At RWA 2019


It’s my favorite time of year: The Romance Writers of America National Conference! This year is a big one for me. It’s in NYC, and I’m speaking about The Mermaid Podcast and podcasting for authors (and keeping fab company with a panel that includes the podcasters from Women With Books, Wicked Wallflowers Club and Fated […] Read more…

No one needs to suffer for their art.


The whole reason I started doing creativity coaching is because I thought it was total B.S. that people/artists/creatives get sold over and over again on the importance of craft, or honing marketing, or learning strategy or social media or systems or bullet journals or a million other things people tell you that you need to make it in this world. Read more…