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If you’re an artist, don’t you dare give up

if you're an artist don't you dare give up

You know how sometimes you hear something at the exact right moment, and it makes everything okay? Last year, I saw Lady Gaga’s concert at Citi Field. It poured rain that night, which only made it better.  During “A Million Reasons,” Gaga sat at the piano, drenched, wearing a crystal-covered floor-length coat, and paused before […] Read more…

How To Network Over The Holidays


You know the scene. You’re at a holiday party, and over the eggnog or crudité, you run into an acquaintance you haven’t seen in a while – someone in your social circle or even in your industry. They ask the question you’ve been dreading. “What have you been up to?” Do you: a) freeze b) […] Read more…

Networking & The Art of War


What To Do, How To Prepare, How To Win You know the feeling. You’re standing on the fringes of the bar area at the hotel where a giant conference is being held. You’re mere feet away from your dream agent, and that blogger you love, and that other cool entrepreneur you talked to about 90s […] Read more…