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No one needs to suffer for their art.


The whole reason I started doing creativity coaching is because I thought it was total B.S. that people/artists/creatives get sold over and over again on the importance of craft, or honing marketing, or learning strategy or social media or systems or bullet journals or a million other things people tell you that you need to make it in this world. Read more…

How To Network Over The Holidays


You know the scene. You’re at a holiday party, and over the eggnog or crudité, you run into an acquaintance you haven’t seen in a while – someone in your social circle or even in your industry. They ask the question you’ve been dreading. “What have you been up to?” Do you: a) freeze b) […] Read more…

Networking & The Art of War


What To Do, How To Prepare, How To Win You know the feeling. You’re standing on the fringes of the bar area at the hotel where a giant conference is being held. You’re mere feet away from your dream agent, and that blogger you love, and that other cool entrepreneur you talked to about 90s […] Read more…