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No one needs to suffer for their art.


The whole reason I started doing creativity coaching is because I thought it was total B.S. that people/artists/creatives get sold over and over again on the importance of craft, or honing marketing, or learning strategy or social media or systems or bullet journals or a million other things people tell you that you need to make it in this world. Read more…

If you’re an artist, don’t you dare give up

if you're an artist don't you dare give up

You know how sometimes you hear something at the exact right moment, and it makes everything okay? Last year, I saw Lady Gaga’s concert at Citi Field. It poured rain that night, which only made it better.  During “A Million Reasons,” Gaga sat at the piano, drenched, wearing a crystal-covered floor-length coat, and paused before […] Read more…