Before we jet off into the New Year, I wanted to give you an easy ritual for closing out the year*. 2016 has been full of twists and turns, but I think that if you look in the muck, you can always find some gems.

What you’ll need:
Pen, paper, and safe place to burn something.

What to do:
Write down something you’re leaving behind in the current year, whether it’s a relationship,
self-loathing, passive-aggressive communication, or not asking for an extra pizza topping. Anything you want to leave behind, write it down.

Then, write down how that thing served you, what you used it for, what it gave you. What was the reason you kept it around? Thank it. Out loud. “Thank you, self-doubt. You let me question and evaluate my skill set. You pushed me to learn new things. I am ready now to believe in myself. I release you, self-doubt. I am leaving you behind.”

On the other side of that paper, write down something you want to call in for the new year. You can even write it an invitation. “Dear boundless self-confidence, I invite you into my life in the new year. Love, Laura.”

Next, burn that piece of paper (in a safe & responsible manner). You are free!

Happy New Year! May your New Year be full of rainbows.

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