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I’m so glad we met, and thanks for stopping by to find out more about me. I’m a writer, creativity coach and mermaid mogul. If you want my full bio, you can find it here.

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Current Projects

Through my work with CIJ (Creative Insight Journey), I teach people how to apply their creativity to personal and professional challenges. I regularly lead workshops, both online and in NYC, to help people discover their blocks and get unstuck. Sign up for my mailing list above if you’d like to hear more about these events.

I am the host of Cinderly’s Mermaid Podcast, the show for merfolk and the people who love them. Subscribe on iTunes, or learn more.

Cinderly: The Kingdom of Unicorns, Mermaids and Glitter Lovers. Read our blog, and check out our tech products.

This year, I will independently publish a series of romances. Meet Madame de Boudoir: narrator of erotic romances, usually about mermaids.

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