What To Do, How To Prepare, How To Win

You know the feeling. You’re standing on the fringes of the bar area at the hotel where a giant conference is being held. You’re mere feet away from your dream agent, and that blogger you love, and that other cool entrepreneur you talked to about 90s boy bands on Twitter. And you freeze. Because, holy overwhelm, Batman. Yes, I have been there too.

It turns out, I am pretty awesome at working a room, even when I’m terrified. So awesome, that the first time I went to the Romance Writers of America conference, I left as the proud owner of selfies with a shirtless cowboy, the new BFF of a famous author, and with my business card confidently placed into the shirt pocket of an undercover iBooks representative, which means I’m now on a closed mailing list that not even the Secret Service could get on. BAM!

This is why my dear friends, and members of my HBIC entrepreneur support group, invited me onto their First Draught show to share my tips on networking. Yes, I have based my whole approach on The Art of War, because I’m not messing around when it comes to making business friends, and neither should you.

You can listen to the show on iTunes, Soundcloud, or watch the video above.

Read all my tips online in the HBIC Conference Survival Guide. (PDF here.)

I’m heading to the Romance Writers of America conference in a few weeks. It is always a good time, so follow me on Instagram for highlights.

What about you? Are you awesome at conferences? Do you dread working a room? I want to know!

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