Why do we perpetuate the belief that the artist’s birthright is suffering?

The whole reason I started doing creativity coaching is because I thought it was total B.S. that people/artists/creatives get sold over and over again on the importance of craft, or honing marketing, or learning strategy or social media or systems or bullet journals or a million other things people tell you that you need to make it in this world.

In all my training, learning, studying, no one ever talked about the mental and spiritual fortitude that it takes to be a person who puts their work into the world. We joke about “writer’s block.” We stereotype creatives as angsty, or full of ennui. “Real artists” are supposed to be starving.

Why do we perpetuate the belief that the artist’s birthright is suffering?

Creative work is full of gore and mess, but your relationship to your creativity doesn’t have to be painful. 

About four times a week, I think I face an existential crisis. I feel “the morbids” a-creeping in. Then I remember that it doesn’t have to be this way.

As artists, as people with something to say, our real work is keeping the pathway clear for our best ideas and the richest parts of ourselves to come through. We have the talent, the skills, the gifts to make our work happen. Our vigilance must be in staying out of our own way. 

That is why I started studying creativity, why I started paying attention to my own process, why I opened up my ears to the way other creatives talked about their work and their struggles. Because I always want you to have an easier time than I have had. I want you to have a deep and rewarding connection to yourself so that your energy can be directed towards your real work. Which is, saying your truth, and inviting the world to take notice.

I have more irons in the fire to help you with this in a bigger way, but in the meantime I opened up my calendar for one-on-one coaching from me. I have lots of people who help me. Serena Williams, Julia Roberts, and Oprah Winfrey have people who help them. I want to be someone who helps you. Plus, it will be fun to hang out and trade jokes about our inner critics. 😉

This link will lead you to my current offerings. There are packages and single sessions, and there are also discounts because I want you to have money left over to give to the things you care about. If none of those offerings work for you, email me and maybe we can find another way. I believe in you. (Also, you’re so smart and pretty.) <3

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