“As a working artist, it’s very easy to find myself getting ‘stuck’ when it comes to my writing. Often my day job takes precedence over my desire to sit down and work on a short story or my novel. After spending six weeks with Laura, and the CIJ Toolkit, I feel more confident in myself as a teacher, writer and, as a partner in my marriage. When I find that I am once again ‘stuck,’ I now have the skills I need to push past those roadblocks.” Khaliah W. – writer


“I am leaps and bounds from where I was when I started this class.” Molly A. – Event Planner



“Before I took the class, I was a little concerned about acknowledging/sharing very personal/painful feelings about myself/my life. Now, I am much braver. I’m at peace with risk. I am able to turn my anxiety into anticipation and excitement. It was jam packed with specific tools that could be applied to real life instantly. So while it is philosophical, it is extremely practical.” Meg M. – Actress


“I felt empowered and ready to get to work.” Mele B. – Restaurant owner



“When you set intentions and invest in yourself something pretty miraculous is bound to come out of it. My relationship definitely improved during this class. I loved the way Laura taught – bringing her own humor and quirkiness into class definitely made it a blast!” Leora E. – spiritual healer