I’m often asked for recommendations, whether for creativity, self-improvement, or reading pleasure. Below you will find some of my favorites. The romance and fiction list was so long, I had to make a store for it!

Don’t Quit Your Day Dream

This is a growing line of products that combine the practices of mindfulness, gratitude and fantasy as tools for creative survival.

Books to Help You and Your Creativity

(I use these as writing prompts.)



I love all of Danielle LaPorte’s work, but I am partial to the career clarity of the Firestarter Sessions. I am also a licensed Firestarter Sessions Facilitator, so if you would like a guide through this program, email me!


Dream. Do. Dominate. Founded by six authors (and badass business women), HBIC Nation is a place to learn, share, and grow your creative empire–plus have one heck of a good time while doing it.

This is a creative entrepreneur support group I created with some of my dearest friends. Join our community to build your empire with a supportive group of awesome boss ladies. We also have awesome unicorn swag!

Website Design

I adore Bluchic, the people who created my website theme. They have been so pleasant and responsive, and made it really easy for lil ol’ me to make a pretty pink website where I can make good stuff for people like you! (I have the Jacqueline theme, FYI.)


Articles on Meditation and Self-Care

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