You may remember that I have been developing an app.

Here’s the cool part: Cinderly (like Cinderella), was selected to be a featured startup at a huge tech conference in New Orleans. Here’s the other cool part: 10,000 people would be attending. That means 10,000 strangers could potentially view, test, and invest in my app. So how is a gutsy girl with a performance background going to standout in a sea of techies with company t-shirts and iPhones? I decided I would wear fairy wings and call myself “The Fairy Boss Mother.” (Naturally.) I figured we would get noticed at our booth, and then, like Prince Charming, an investor would swoop in and make all of our dreams come true. Sounds great, right?

The problem was, it did not sound so great to me. In the weeks before the conference, I woke up often in a cold sweat, imagining thousands of “more experienced” tech developers giving me and my sparkle wings major side eye. In therapy, I sobbed, “But they’re going to laugh at me and tell me my ideas are dumb! If I wear my fairy wings, it will be even more obvious that I don’t belong.”

I was, quite simply, terrified. Terrified that I wouldn’t be good enough to compete with the other startups. Terrified that someone would call me, and my app, silly, worthless, inconsequential. Terrified that someone would take one look at my iridescent wings and magic wand logo and say, “Go home, little girl. You can’t play here.” I was afraid I would be a failure before I had even started.

Don’t worry, this story has a happy ending.  I rediscovered my courage and I did wear my fairy wings. Those fairy wings got us on the local news, interviewed for blogs and podcasts, noticed by investors, and even named a “Top 5 Startup To Watch.” Those fairy wings were my secret weapon, but I never would have been able to use them if I had stayed afraid. In order to activate my secret weapon, I had to become fearless. It’s a good thing I got over my fear too – my app launched the same week as my theater’s Kickstarter, so I needed all the calm and clarity I could get!!!

Want to know how I stopped all my worry thoughts and became fearless? Then come to my new workshop: Fearless: 10 Profound Mindfulness Tools To Overcome Anxiety And Stop Obsessive Thinking. My mentor, Jennifer Grace, will be in NYC this week to lead this powerful workshop with me, and I hope you can come. Let’s get you out of the “cold sweats” and back into your power!

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