I’m an author, an entrepreneur, and an advocate for your dreams.

Hello, there! I am on a mission to inspire other people to be more themselves. As a writer, podcast host, creative coach, boss lady, aspiring mermaid and general superstar,  I’m in the business of self-expression and transformation, which means I always have a lot of news to share. Whether it’s writing a book, building a business, teaching a class, making a podcast, traveling to mermaid camp or performing in a show, I want you know about it! And I want you to be a part of it, too!

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Say yes to sequins, say no to self-doubt!

I’m the Fairy Boss Mother of Cinderly, a startup run on sparkles.

You’re Doing Great is podcast of pep talks about trying your best and keeping it real. Listen to the podcast and take the YDG video course for Creative Advancement.

I host the Mermaid Podcast, a podcast with real mermaids, history and legends.

I write romance as Laura Lovely, the author of award-winning paranormal romance featuring mermaids.


“When you set intentions and invest in yourself something pretty miraculous is bound to come out of it. I loved the way Laura taught – bringing her own humor and quirkiness into class definitely made it a blast!” Leora E., spiritual healer

“All I know is that when Laura von Holt walks into a room, I pay attention. She never disappoints.”
Eleanor H., public speaking coach